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Common questions when buying a Jacuzzi Hot Tub

Hi! I’m Natalie and I work for Hydrolife

Hot Tubs. I’m based in the Cheshire and Northampton showrooms where I’m known as the Jacuzzi® lady! After many years of dealing with Hot Tub buyers, I’d like to share my experienced and questions I get asked when looking to purchase their perfect Jacuzzi® Hot tub.

Q.How much time do I need to spend looking after my Jacuzzi®Hot Tub per week?

Great news! Jacuzzi® hot tubs are designed to be really simple and easy to maintain, meaning this could be a little as 15 minutes a week, depending on your choice of chemical package. Allowing more time for relaxation and rejuvenation, and not maintenance!

Q.What are the best chemicals to clean my Hot Tub… Bromine or a Chlorine-based system?

This is completely personal preference. Jacuzzi®Hot Tubs use a ClearRay bulb which kills 99% of your waterborne pathogens so we only need a small amount of chemicals to aid the cleaning cycle of your Jacuzzi®. Let Hydrolife make your Hot Tub maintenance a breeze… We’re here to guide you through the process and answer any cleaning and chemical questions about you may have.

Q.How often does my Jacuzzi®Hot Tub need to be drained?

Usually, every three to four months, but this really depends on use and care. They have built in drain valves to release the water; however, you can also use a submersible pump as these drain the water much quicker. These can usually be found in DIY stores.

Q.What temperature do you recommend keeping my Jacuzzi® Hot Tub at?

We recommend running your Jacuzzi®Hot Tub on 37.5 degrees, but that does depend on what time of year you will be using it and your personal choice of temperature. Don’t worry about adjusting the temperature, the heating system will kick in when it needs to heat the water back to the desired temperature.

Q.How much do Jacuzzi®Hot Tubs cost to run?

Due to jacuzzi® Hot Tub’s fantastic insulation system, they are very cost effective to run and cost approximately £1 per day (average usage) depending on size and environment.

Q.Do I need to turn my Jacuzzi®Hot Tub off before I go away on holiday?

Not necessarily, but we do advise that you contact us before you go away so we can advise what to do with your chemicals and water temperature for your Hot Tub.

Q.If I move to a new house, can my Jacuzzi®Hot Tub come with me?

Yes of course! Get in touch with us and we’ll be able to arrange the move and reinstalling your Jacuzzi® Hot Tub!

Q.Can a Jacuzzi®Hot Tub be installed in an outdoor space?

Yes, they can! That is where most of our customers choose to place them. They are fully insulated (our covers are insulted too!), robust and perfect for an outdoor environment. With our new choice of gas-assisted cover lifters, one person can easily remover or replace the cover. 

Q.How are the Hot Tubs delivered?

At Hydrolife, we will always do a site visit (either virtually or physically) to assess access and what vehicle will be needed for delivery. They are delivered on their side and manoeuvred into position. We can go through your garden, neighbours’ gardens, or even over the top of your house with the use of a crane! We’ve never failed to deliver a Hot Tub to its final location – we will always find a way.

Q.Do you offer finance?

Yes, absolutely and this doesn’t affect the price of the Jacuzzi®Hot Tub. We offer a variety of finance options, including 0% finance. We can talk you through the options and calculate the breakdowns with various deposits on your favourite Hot Tubs!

Q.Do the Jacuzzi®Hot Tubs come with a warranty?

Good news! Jacuzzi® warranties are industry-leading and a true warranty. The warranty slightly across the range but always includes both parts and labour. Although we are always here to help, the warranty is held directly with Jacuzzi®. They even keep parts from Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs that were manufactured 20 years ago!

Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs are the leaders in performance and quality… Anything else is just a Hot Tub! We will be with you every step of the way to help you find your perfect Hot Tub. If you have any questions give us a call, we’ll be happy to help!