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The Perfect Hot Tub & Swim Spa Partnership

Every perfect partnership starts with a great brand. Add in our experienced team and you, the wonderful customer, and it makes for the perfect hot tub or swim spa ownership. From your first visit, to buying a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub or Swim Spa, right through to helping you get your chemicals spot on, we're here for you.

We are proud to be the largest Jacuzzi® retailer in the UK

We are proud to be the largest Jacuzzi® retailer in the UK

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The original and the best... Anything else is just a hot tub!

The original and the best...
Anything else is just a hot tub!

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Find your Jacuzzi® Hot Tub at Hydrolife
The perfect partnership

Choosing a Hot Tub should be fun and exciting.

We have spent our time exploring the hot tub market, ensuring we only partner with the very best manufacturer of hot tubs. Jacuzzi® support our values and deliver everything we believe to be important when buying a hot tub... Performance, Quality, Innovation and Wellness.

Jacuzzi® is the biggest brand globally with the strongest heritage. It places them at the forefront of the hot tub industry. We are proud to be the largest Jacuzzi® Hot Tub retailer in the UK. With our award-winning nationwide showrooms and a fantastic team it means that we've created the perfect environment for you to select your new hot tub.

Every budget, every garden, every reason!

Come & see our hot tub & swim spas displays or arrange a virtual showroom tour, whichever suits you.

Jacuzzi® is the name that launched the hot tub industry
...and it continues to redefine it.

Only 60 years of innovation can produce hot tub designs made to the standards of Jacuzzi® and as original pioneers of the hot tub industry they completely understand the science behind why hydrotherapy can have such a genuine, positive impact on the way you feel.

So whether you're after peace & quiet away from the stresses of the day, or are searching for the ultimate in performance, muscle relaxation and recovery, every single Jacuzzi® Hot Tub or Swim Spa encompasses their four brand values: design, health, wellness and performance.

All Jacuzzi® products have been researched and engineered to deliver an experience that will inspire and revitalise and allow you to enjoy the Jacuzzi® difference for yourself...remember anything else is just a hot tub.

Jacuzzi® Hot Tub Collections

The best moment of your day! Browse all of our hot tub collections below...

J-200™ Hot Tub Collection

J-200™ hot tubs are a great way to introduce yourself to the world of Jacuzzi® and hydromassage without having to invest in top of the range specifications. Each of the hot tub models in this range are designed with classic jets to ensure you and your family enjoy the benefits of hydromassage as well as hours of fun.

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J-300™ Hot Tub Collection

A true champion for hydrotherapy, the J-300 range excels in water-based massage through its patented jet combinations. Aiding recovery from sports and providing pure indulgence has never looked so stunning.

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J-400™ Hot Tub Collection

Designed to offer complete luxury and be in a class of its own, the J-400 range is a truly exceptional choice. Everything is of the highest specification and an unbelievable finish, creating an ambience unlike anything else from Jacuzzi®.

Read more about J-400™ Hot Tub Collection

J-500™ Hot Tub Collection

The pinnacle of the Jacuzzi® hot tub range delivers unrivalled ground breaking spa innovation. The J-500 models provide the very best in hot tub luxury, features and quality. All our hot tubs are available with finance options.

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Jacuzzi® Swim Spa Collections

The best moment of your day! Browse all of our hot tub collections below...

PowerPro™ Swim Spa

Advanced swim training at home

You no longer need the huge spage or big budget to swim as far as you like for as long as you like.  Available in 16ft or 19ft models the PowerPro not only provides advanced swimmers with a performance training but also the best hydrotherapy massage jets in the Jacuzzi® range.

Read more about Jacuzzi SwimSpa PowerPro Range

PowerActive™ Swim Spa

The PowerActive is a gret Jacuzzi® swim spa for those who want to focus on Fitness.  The Swim jets deliver smooth current for in place swimming and once youve finished you can rejeuvenate your muscles in the massage seats.  This swim spa is available in 16ft and 19ft options.

Read more about the Jacuzzi® PowerActive Swim Spa

PowerPlay™ Swim Spa

The Jacuzzi® PowerPlay™ swim spa is perfect for smaller spaces and family use.  It is a great for training or for teaching the kids to swim.  Its big enough for relaxing and having fun with familyand friends.

Read more about the Jacuzzi® PowerPlay™ Swim Spa

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Hot Tub Selector

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Let us answer all of your questions...

Before you come and see us you probably want to do your research! Whether you want to compare us to our competitors or want to know about the trials and tribulations of being a hot tub or swim spa owner, we’ve tried to answer all your questions in our Resource Centre. Use the button to discover more in our Resource Centre or read some of our newest info guides!

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Best selling Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs

If we still haven't convinced you, check out our bestselling hot tubs!

Best Buy Hot Tub Jacuzzi® J225

Jacuzzi® J235™

This super-efficient and affordable J-235IP comfortably seats 6 people and gives high-performance hydrotherapy at a fantastic value. Known for its impressive jet power, all seating positions deliver hydrotherapy options that can appeal to everyone in your family. On this model you can also add the BLUEWAVE® spa stereo system and listen to your own personal playlist from your smart phone.
Best Buy Hot Tub Jacuzzi® J335

Jacuzzi® J325™

The J-325IP boasts powerful jets that deliver a complete hydrotherapy experience. Seating 4 to 5 people, it’s the perfect hot tub for all the family. Compact in design, it delivers intense hydrotherapy and has advanced features including illuminated headrests, a waterfall and the Prolites LED lighting system. Perfect for when you get home from a stressful day at work or an intensive training session to relax, de-stress and soothe your muscles.
Best Buy Jacuzzi® J475

Jacuzzi® J475™

With seating for 6 people,The J-475™ is a large hot tub, offering the widest variety of PowerPro® jets across the Jacuzzi® hot tub range. Each jet offers an adjustable intensity for a truly personalised hydromassage experience. This 6 seater hot tub also has varying seat heights which delivers a head to toe experience, ensured by a lounge seat for full body immersion and the low-profile foot dome for a luxurious reflexology massage.