AquaFinesse - The Ultimate Guide

At Hydrolife, we love AquaFinesse. In fact, we are so impressed with the affect it has on water quality, that we are prepared to increase the warranty on the plumbing components by an extra year for our customers who use it from the beginning of their hot tub journey. Below you will find our ultimate guide to Aqua Finesse and whilst this is written with hot tubs in mind you will also get fabulous results when using it with your swim spa or swimming pool

What is AquaFinesse?

AquaFinesse is a patented, water care treatment, that reduces the build-up of bacteria on the surfaces of your hot tub. More importantly, it loosens and prevents the further build up bio film, particularly in the pipe work, which helps keep your water crystal clear and clean. If you want to make your water care as easy as possible, and reduce the cost of sanitising your water, then AquaFinesse is the perfect solution. It is also environmentally friendly as well as being kinder to your skin.

How does AquaFinesse work?

AquaFinesse approaches water care slightly differently to sanitisers like chlorine and bromine. These more traditional sanitisers are very effective at killing the bacteria that live in water, but scientific studies have shown that 99% of bacteria don’t live in the water itself, but rather in a biofilm which clings to the surfaces and pipework in your hot tub. AquaFinesse is incredibly effective at targeting this biofilm and removing it altogether. Using a combination of AquaFinesse with a slow-release sanitiser gives the optimum combination of products to help make the job of looking after your hot tub water, a breeze.

The short animation below shows you how AquaFinesse works in your hot tub.

Biofilm, what's that? Sounds nasty!

Even the those who keep their hot tubs in tip-top condition will see a build-up of biofilm over time. It starts with the build-up of bacteria, but you won’t be able to see it, as it’s usually found in the plumbing and pipework. The bacteria gets into the water through mould, algae, airborne particles and especially via the people using the hot tub. Biofilm is a clever little pest as well. It can protect itself from sanitisers by creating a slimy protective layer which becomes resistant to Chlorine and Bromine over time. If left to its own devices, it will grow and thrive in warm and wet conditions and cause cloudy, foamy water, which nobody wants to sit in!

Biofilm also has other effects which makes it important to remove. It left to develop untreated, it can reduce the water PH, cause scale to build up and lead to some rather unpleasant odours.

What are the ingredients in AquaFinesse?

AquaFinesse is the only product of its kind that is highly tested and patented. Its recipe is a closely guarded secret, but it is made up of a mixture of inorganic compounds as well as salts, coagulants, and a number of other ingredients, all of which are kind to skin as well as the environment. The one thing they all share in common is their unique ability to kill bacteria and stop the build-up of biofilm.

How do you use AquaFinesse?

AquaFinesse is really simple to use. The box contains 2 bottles of this very clever liquid. Make sure you give the bottle a really good shake before adding the recommended does to your hot tub, once per week.

The instructions on the bottle will tell you how much to add using the measuring cup provided and is based on the volume of your hot tub, which you will need to know to calculate the correct dosage. Most hot tub retailers include the volume of particular models on their website. As well as adding this to your water, you will also need some kind of sanitiser, ideally a slow-release sanitiser. We reccomend popping a bromine tablet in a floating dispenser, this will usually last about a week. Keep an eye on the tablet and when it gets to the size of a 20p piece, change it for a new one. You might find the sanitizer level needs topping up a little more, so at Hydrolife, we have found that a small teaspoon of bromine granules per bather after each use does the job perfectly.

Testing the water in your hot tub regularly will help you understand what works best for the way you and your family use your hot tub. It is also important because you want to make sure the alkalinity and PH of your water stay within tolerance.


Can I use AquaFinesse instead of Chlorine and Bromine?

AquaFinesse should always be used in conjunction with a sanitiser, such as chlorine or bromine. This effective combination of chemicals attacks the both the bacteria living in the water, as well as the bacteria which clings to the surfaces and the pipework of your hot tub in the bio film.

Can I use AquaFinesse with chlorine and bromine?

Yes, you can use either of these popular sanitisers with AquaFinesse, and you will find that you need less of them to maintain the perfect balance and crystal clear water with the use of AquaFinesse.

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Do I need to clean my filters if I use AquaFinesse?

Filters still need to be cleaned approximately once per week when using AquaFinesse, but this does depend on how heavily the spa is used. For belt and braces cleaning, you can use the AquaFinesse filter cleaner which works on the same principle as the rest of the AquaFinesse range and removes bio film from the filters. Other filter cleaners will also do a great job though.

Below is a short video on how to clean your filters with the AquaFinesse Filter Cleaner. 

 What you might find when you switch to AquaFinesse is that it removes a large amount of bio film from the pipework and this can mean, in the early days, the filters need cleaning more often than usual.

Are there any alternatives to AquaFinesse?

There are a number of alternative products claiming to do the same job as AquaFinesse but do your research thoroughly before jumping in. AquaFinesse is original, and it is a little more expensive than some, but it is the only one that has been rigorously tested and patented. We have considered and tested many of these alternatives like O’care, Soft Skin Spa and Aqua Excellent ourselves and based on feedback from customers, we believe AquaFinesse does the best job.

We hoped this has helped you understand a bit more about AquaFinesse and it's benefits, however if there is any other questions we can answer, please do not hesitste to get in touch with the team. To find out more about AquaFinesse, hot tub chemicals and maintenance, please head over to our fabulous Resource Center using the button below!