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From Athletes to Families

Introducing SwimLife™ Swim Spas

* It's completely free!
* It's completely free!

Swimlife Swimspas are proud to be the choice of British Team GB athletes for their fitness training.  

The swimming pool dream is now an obtainable reality to all. You no longer need the huge space or the big budget to swim as far as you like for as long as you like in your very own garden.  

SwimLife™ appeals to both elite atheletes though to families who want to combine fun and fitness in the garden.

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The 12ft family friendly compact garden swim spa that brings a fun swimming pool experience to the garden.

Interest bearing finance options available

The family friendly swimming experience that allows all ages to enjoy a casual or dynamic swim at the touch of a button.

£24,999 - £35,999
Interest bearing finance options available
14ft - 19ft

Whether its family fun splashing around or rapid and professional triathlon training the expert takes swimming to the next level.

£28,999 - £39,999
Interest bearing finance options available
14ft - 19ft