Prior to your Swim Spa Installation

Site Survey
A Site Survey is essential for any Swim Spa purchase as no delivery is ever the same. Of course having different size models available requires different space, and different base and electrical requirements alike. With a Site Survey, we aim to put your mind at ease and answer any questions you may have about the delivery of your Swim Spa!  

Our team will collect photos of access points and measurements to work out the best way of getting your new Swim Spa in it's new home! Our engineers will also check the electrical facilities if put in place already, or help and advise what is needed when on site. A quick 20 minute Site Survey answers all those important questions to ensure that the Swim Spa can indeed be put in your ideal spot, and everything will go swimmingly on delivery day!

Preparing for your Swim Spa Installation

Preparing for your Swim Spa Installation

Preparing for delivery and installation is imperative to ensure your swim spa can be delivered and installed on the agreed date. Preparation for your swim spa includes creating a foundation for your swim spa, ensuring the hot tub can be connected to the electrical supply and can be filled with water. For the exact dimensions required for your swim spa base, please contact your sales expert and they will advise what you require.

Aftercare & Maintenance

Hydrolife Aftercare

Please remember, should you need us at any point, you can call us, email or come into your local showroom again. We’re always happy to advise and help.

Warranty Area Jacuzzi® Swim Spas    
Spa Structure 10 Years    
Shell Surface 5 Years    
Equipment & Controls 3 Years    
Plumbing Components 3 Years    
Cabinet 5 Years    

Market leading warranty