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The swimming pool dream is now an obtainable reality to all. You no longer need the huge space or big budget to swim as far as you like for as long as you like in your very own garden. Swim spas really can suit every level of requirement, whether you're interested in family fun, to stay fit and healthy, or taking on an epic fitness challenge, swim spas are the perfect solutions...

Jacuzzi® Swim Spa takes UK by storm

The last 2 years has seen an incredible rise in swim spa demand, as this innovative cost-effective space saving swimming pool sweeps the UK. Manufactured at a high-tech specialist facility in Ontario, Canada, Jacuzzi® Swim Spas are a pool for all seasons, providing an endless swim and a variety of uses which the whole family can enjoy.

That’s why the NEW Jacuzzi® Swim Spa range will deliver everything a swimming pool can and lots, lots more without breaking the bank…

Hydrolife want to give you the earliest opportunity to consider and invest in a Swim Spa for 2022, so here’s an open and honest insight of what will be available to the UK for 2022…

Limited numbers available globally - 240 have been allocated to Jacuzzi® UK
Hydrolife have more available stock for 2022 than any other Jacuzzi® retailer
55 Available to buy, 22 have already sold and allocated for 2022 by Hydrolife

We estimate we will sell over 80 Swim Spa in 2022, so reserve yours now!

Jacuzzi® partner with Olympic & World Champion, Adam Peaty

As one of the best swimmers to ever dive in to the competitive pool, his legacy is still being written: repeat top spots on the podium on the global stage and a skill for breaking world records for fun, his attitudes towards training, performance and recovery are inspiring.

After Jacuzzi® stepped in to keep his training for Tokyo on track with the donation of a brand new Jacuzzi® Swim Spa at the time of 2020’s lockdown. Bringing Adam on board as a brand ambassador seemed the natural next step.

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Jacuzzi® Swim Spa Collections

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SwimLife™ Swim Spa Collections

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Jacuzzi® PowerPro™

Available in 16ft, 19ft

Jacuzzi® PowerActive™

Available in 16ft, 19ft

Jacuzzi® PowerPlay™

Available in 13ft

The Jacuzzi® Power™ Swim Spa Collection offers the benefits of in-place swimming, a relaxing hydromassage, and enjoying time with family in the convenience of your own garden any time of year. Combining the best aquatic technology with the therapeutic performance of Jacuzzi® PowerPro means these collection offer the ideal way to exercise, relax and play anytime of the year.

SwimLife™ want to be seen as the brand leading innovations in swim spa technology, with their hydraulically balanced plumbing which ensures the correct water pressure to the hydrotherapy jets and fingertip control of the swim current from inside the swim area. SwimLife's goal is to produce, innovate and offer the highest quality swim spas possible.

SwimLife™ SwimExpert™

Available in 14ft - 19ft | Price Range £28,999 - £39,999

SwimLife™ SwimFit™

Available in 14ft - 19ft | Price Range £24,999 - £35,999

SwimLife™ SwimFun

Available in 12ft | Price Range £19,999

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