8 Easy Steps to Winterise Your Hot Tub




At Hydrolife, we get a lot of questions about looking after your Jacuzzi® Hot Tub in the colder months. At the moment, a lot of you are asking, ’how do I winterise my hot tub’ and ‘can you do it for me?’, so we thought we’d answer those burning questions!

Here’s how to winterise your hot tub…

Step One

Whilst you still have water in your hot tub, remove your filters from the filter housing, spray them with Filter Cleaning Spray and leave them to soak whilst you complete the rest of this process. If you want to know how to clean your filters, click here to read our info guide!


Step Two

Pour about 250ml (about ½ a bottle) of Jacuzzi® Hot Tub Pipe Cleaner in to the filter housing of your hot tub. Run the jets for 1 cycle, and let the water sit for 20 minutes to allow the pipe cleaner do its job. After 20 minutes, it’s time to run a second cycle of the hot tub jets. For the best results, leave it to soak overnight.


Step Three

Let’s kill some time whilst you’re waiting for those jet cycles to finish… Open the cabinet and just make sure everything looks in good order, checking for things like leaks from pipework. it is also worth checking everything in your control panel works, such as lights and Bluetooth speakers if you have them! If our engineers are doing the winterisation for you, they will also check a few more of the technical elements of your hot tub.


Step Four

Now both cycles are completed, you are ready to drain your hot tub! Turn your hot tub off at the isolation switch. Unscrew the drain valve on your hot tub to release the water. Remember, there is a lot of water in your tub so make sure the place you are draining your hot tub to has the capacity to hold the volume of water. This can take a couple of hours to fully drain. To speed the process up, a sump pump can be used which cuts the draining time down to about 20 mins.

Step Five

While your hot tub is draining, give your cover a clean with Jacuzzi® Cover Cleaner and a soft cloth. Hose it down, both inside and out and use a towel to dry the underside of the cover that sits above the water.

Step Six

Once the hot tub is drained, use a jet wash to get any loose dirt and debris to the bottom of the hot tub. Use the Jacuzzi® Surface Cleaner and soft cloth or car sponge to clean the acrylic shell. For the best results, work the Surface Cleaner into a foam and leave it to sit for a few minutes. Thoroughly rinse off all the Surface Cleaner with a jet wash.

Step Seven

Leave the drain valve open for a few hours to let as much water drain from the tub as possible. If you do have a wet vac, set it to blow and point the nozzle down the pipes in the filter housing to force as much water as possible out of the pipework as possible. Then, using the suction setting on your wet 


vac, go over every jet to remove any remaining water from the system as well as any remaining water in the bottom of the hot tub which has been expelled. You then will need to disconnect the pipe work from the pumps in the cabinet of your hot tub and use your wet vac to remove any remaining water from the system.

Step Eight

It's then time to reattach the pumps to the pipe work, close your drain valve and close the lid so your Jacuzzi® can sleep snuggly all winter! There should be no water left in the pipework of your hot tub. If any water remains, it can freeze and cause leaks, cracks, and damage to the pipes. Once your filters are clean and dry, store them inside your house or a shed until you are ready to open your hot tub back up.

Do we offer a winterisation service for your Jacuzzi® Hot Tub?

Absolutely! Our Jacuzzi® trained engineers can come and do the hard work for you. We’ve got all the tricks, tools, and know-how to get your hot tub tucked away for winter, ready to be enjoyed again when spring rolls round! Just get in touch with our team on 0800 368 9840 or at to book in with us!

We hope this has helped answer most of your questions about winterising your hot tub, however if you do need any more help with this topic (or anything else!) please contact the team or watch our video on how to winterise your hot tub here!

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