A garden swimming pool with Jacuzzi® innovation

Imagine…..You fancy a swim, so you pack your bag, not forgetting the swimwear, goggles, towel, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, flipflops

….. you get in the car, drive to the pool, find a car parking space, you pay your money at reception, head off to the communal changing rooms, find a locker, hopefully, you’ve remembered change for it. Finally, you jump into a cool pool, swim up and down, pushing yourself off the side or touching the walls, negotiating the other swimmers competing for space, and do as many lengths as you can in your 30-minute time slot!

Sounds a little hectic to me, so let's try again…..

Imagine…..You fancy a swim, so you go upstairs and put on your swimwear, grab a towel and walk into the garden. You step into the warm Jacuzzi® SwimFit Swim Spa and enjoy the perfectly smooth swimming conditions. When you have finished you then enjoy a hydromassage to relax your muscles and mind. Perfect!

It really can be that easy and stress-free.

The SwimFit swim spa is ideal for families and swimming lovers alike and offers many fitness and health benefits for all levels.You can create your own training environment and change your workout intensity with the fully adjustable current, this offers you the flexibility to strengthen your current swimming ability. A non-slip base makes it ideal for aqua fitness, great for staying in shape or for adding water-based strengthening exercise into your training. The pleasure of it being located in your garden, means you are no longer restricted or dictated by the sports centre time-table! Being one depth means that it is a safe environment for all, meaning that it is a great environment to teach your kids to swim or for those that are uncomfortable out of their height depth. Best of all, when you have finished your fitness routine, you can cool down, relax and revive your muscles with a hydrotherapy seated jet massage. Now you don’t get that at the local pool!

Starting at under 4.5m in length, it will sit comfortably in most sized gardens and at one of Hydrolife’s 4 show sites we offer you the ability to come and try our Jacuzzi® Swim Spa range to see what suits you and your family best. Our expert team will aim to give you all the information that you need and with finance options available they really are more affordable than you think.

A garden swimming pool experience with Jacuzzi® innovation…..What is there not to love?