Can soaking in a hot tub help to reduce cellulite?

Can soaking in a hot tub help to reduce cellulite?

Now we have most certainly heard the rumours that taking regular soaks in a Hot Tub helps to reduce cellulite…and we for one definitely hope that it is TRUE!

It is said that regular soaking may help to reduce to appearance of those fatty deposits that typically gather around the hip, thigh and buttock areas. Improving blood circulation to these areas by using Hot Tubs has led to many anecdotal claims that regular soaking can in fact lessen the appearance of cellulite!

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Various sources have documented the health benefits of hydrotherapy, to the body’s blood vessels and therefore overall circulation. In addition to this, hydrotherapy also tones body tissue, reduces fluid retention and relieves swelling.

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When you add all of these benefits together you may well find that the result is a reduction in the appearance of cellulite! Hurrah! We recommend using the jets to target your troublesome areas – you may have to do some wriggling around to get the jet to hit just right…but if it works, it’ll be worth it!

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