How much does it cost to run a hot tub?

Running costs are always the very first thing to come to mind when considering purchasing a hot tub and rightfully so as it is important to know how much it will cost to run a Hot Tub. Many people think that they cost more than the hot tub is worth to run, but as long as you invest in a quality product with the right insulation, it costs a lot less than you probably think!

So, how much does a hot tub actually cost to run? Well, the cost to run a hot tub and the insulation of a hot tub really do come hand in hand. A more basic model you can buy online for a cheap price generally means the model has little to no insulation, and as much as the price is lower at the start, you will end up paying much more than you should just to use it. Most in this situation come to regret their purchase, a feeling that we never want you to feel with a Jacuzzi® brand model, and we know you never will! I would definitely recommend asking the insulation question for any hot tub you are considering, just to make sure you won’t regret the purchase later on down the line and truly understand how much it will cost to run a Hot Tub.

As you go through the Jacuzzi® Collections, the running costs do get lower as extra layers of insulation are used. Of course, there are many other factors which come into play with the cost of the models, but just for the purpose of this information blog let's focus on the insulation alone here! As standard across all Jacuzzi® models the cabinet is completely foam filled with cell pocket foam, which has little bubbles of air in there which retain the heat.


Think of it as a big non-meltable Aero Chocolate bar! All those bubbles of hot air inside the cabinet are retained and do not escape, which means the hot tub is not having to constantly heat itself. Another great analogy to think about in this context is, what would keep you warmer, one large coat, or several layers of t shirts, jumpers and coats? You got it, lots of layers! (Very much myself this winter time…)

So back to main question, how much does it cost to run a Hot Tub. With the Jacuzzi® Collections, you will not spend more than £1 per day on any model to keep the hot tub heated at all times and used a few times a week. The total running costs range from 70p to £1 per day for the different models and sizes. A lot lower than you originally thought I bet! Thanks to the Innovative brand that is Jacuzzi®, you get the very best quality at an affordable price. 

Another factor you need to consider when working out how much it costs to run a Hot Tub is Chemical use.


You may be thinking that you will have to spend a lot of money on Hot Tub chemicals to maintain the hot tub, but as long as the model has a great filtration system you won’t need as many chemicals as you may initially think. As long as a hot tub has a minimum of two stages of filtration this will work well hand in hand with the chemicals to keep your hot tub sanitised. A hot tub can’t rely on chemicals alone, or even just filters alone; they work together fantastically well to keep your water clean.

Here at Jacuzzi® as you go through the collections the models have more stages of filtration, making your life easier as an owner to maintain the water quality, but also meaning you need to purchase much less chemicals to keep your water clean. The J200 Classic Collection has a two-stage filtration, whereas the top of the range J500™ Luxury Collection has a whopping five-stages! 

This means the model can do more itself to maintain the water quality, making your life much easier and of course keeping your Hot Tub running costs low.

All new hot tub owners will spend more at the start whilst they stock up on their chemicals, then spend months not needing to purchase anything. As an average, you will spend between £10-£15 on your chemicals per months, taking into consideration Filters, Chemicals and any Accessories you would like too. Keep in mind with the chemicals you don’t need a lot. For example, if you are using Bromine in your hot tub you will only need to have 2ppm (parts per million) … which I’m sure you’ll agree is absolutely nothing!

So, in answer to “How much does it cost to run a hot tub?”

Hot tubs are very much more affordable than most people think. As an average, £40-£50 per month on chemicals and running the hot tub at all times… you can easily spend that on one meal out! Instead spend it on several years of amazing memories with family and friend enjoying your Jacuzzi® hot tub.

How much does it cost you to run your hot tub? It would be great to hear your thoughts on this blog and your own experience of how much you spend to run your hot tub all year round!

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