How to have a Hot Tub party for kids!

Hi, I’m Katie and I support the Kent Hydrolife team! I am a mum to two young boys and my first thought when I see a hot tub is ‘my children would love one of these!’. It is true, children love the warm relaxing benefits of a hot tub just as much as adults! Water is such a huge

fun factor for young ones and as parents we want to make sure our children have fun, but most importantly are kept safe at all times, so in this blog I want to address some great ways you can have a hot tub party for your kids!

When I first started my journey with Hydrolife, I was very interested in getting a better understanding of safety when mixing children and hot tubs. When water is involved all parents are understandably cautious anyway, but the truth is, as long as you are aware, there is nothing to worry about! Hot tubs really are fun for all the family, no matter if you are all grown up or have little ones as tall as mums knee, the best part of purchasing a hot tub is seeing the joy on my children’s faces when they get in that warm water, and grow up to enjoy many years of hot tub parties!

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All of this got me thinking, could you hold a hot tub party for kids? And if so, how do you do this safely? The first factor to consider is the age of the children. My children are 3 and 7. I know that although my 3-year-old would love the hot tub, due to the size of him he is more likely to overheat which means a hot tub party for kids would probably be more beneficial for slightly older children. From research I have carried out I would recommend a child under 5 would have to be in the hot tub in much shorter intervals to ensure they stay hydrated and do not over heat!

A wonderful idea would be to hold a hot tub party which includes games that require the children to come out of the hot tub, giving them time to cool down a bit! For example, I would arrange different party games for the children approximately every 10 minutes. This would encourage the children to step out of the tub and not spend too long in the warm water. As I’m sure you know, children move around a lot more than adults! This is very much the same inside or outside of a hot tub, so of course their body temperature is already naturally higher from movement. Due to this, it is best when holding a hot tub party for kids to keep the temperature down a few degrees. Body temperature for an adult is 36-37 degrees, for a child this is just 35 degrees Celsius, so I would recommend keeping the temperature lower than this so the water is cooler for your little one.

It goes without saying that an adult should be watching their children at ALL times to keep children safe at a hot tub party. If you have much older children who can be left unattended briefly whilst you are busy inside, a great feature I wanted to highlight is the use of the SmartTub™ app! This is an app which you can use to control that Jacuzzi® from your mobile phone. With this you can lock the control panel which will stop the children from changing any settings on the Jacuzzi® (e.g. temperature).

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Now we have all of the safety information out of the way, onto the fun part! Kids love water, they would probably love just to be in a hot tub, let alone a party! So how can we make a hot tub party for kids even more fun? Well, what do most children’s parties include? Firstly music. Most of the Jacuzzi® models we sell here at Hydrolife have built in Stereo Systems, so you can play child friendly music through the speakers. Next, we have snacks! It is important to keep the children hydrated so sliced fruit would be perfect to provide at a hot tub party, as well as lots of fresh cold water. You can also provide all sorts of party snacks and drinks for the children to enjoy throughout the party.

We cannot forget to include games in a hot tub party for kids. No party is complete without games and a hot tub party is no exception to that rule! When the children are out of the hot tub, you can include all of the traditional party games like musical statues and pass the parcel. One way to make a hot tub party stand out from a usual children’s party is to create games in the water. This could be a game of hook a duck or even fishing! The benefits of games at a hot tub party are that the children do not have the chance to distract themselves with technology. These games will help the children interact and play rather than using one of the many device’s children use nowadays.

So, there we have it, how to have a hot tub party for kids! Games, snacks and music with a hot tub, and done safely, who would say no to that? Writing this blog, I think I may have even convinced myself to throw a hot tub party for my kids, as long as they accept that mummy will be in there with them…