How to host the perfect hot tub party!


So you’re hosting a party… whether it’s for a birthday, hen do, or just because, your hot tub is the perfect place to celebrate! But how do you make sure your hot tub party is all your friends talk about for months to come? Here’s some of our top tips…

Choose your theme

From beach to cocktail party, your theme is the glue that holds all good hot tub parties together! It can help set the tone of other areas like the food, the drink, the decorations & the kind of music you play! Decide how far you want to take the theme of your hot tub party, whether you choose to just do decorative elements or ask your guests to come in fancy dress. We always recommend going all out!

Looking for theme ideas? Here’s a few we thought would be fab!

  • Tropical beach party
  • Movie night
  • Luau party
  • Funniest swimming costume

Send out those invites!

You can’t have a party without friends and family! Always consider how many seats you have in your hot tub when you invite people… you don’t want people just standing around! If you do invite more people than your hot tub can hold, make sure there’s something they can do or have some comfy places to sit. If you include the seating area in your decorations, it’ll feel like one big party space!

DON’T FORGET! Remind them to bring their swimmers & a towel on the invite!

Set the scene…

Nothing sets the tone more than lighting and decoration. Set some time aside before your party to decorate the hot tub area based on your chosen theme. Even draping some outdoor fairy lights over your hot tub area or on surrounding fences and walls can really make your hot tub look even more inviting – especially if you’re going to be out there in the evening!

Turn up the music!

Creating a playlist can make all the difference! Try and stick to your theme if you can, or even ask your guests beforehand if they have any requests! Music can really make or break a good party.

Nibbles & drinks

No party is complete without something to snack on, washed down with a glass of fizz! Whether you decide on lighter finger-bites or a meal after your hot tub party, make sure there’s something to sustain your guests.

But what drinks to serve? Cocktails, prosecco, beer… anything you like really! Also make sure you have non-alcoholic drinks available as hot tubs and lots of alcohol is a recipe for dehydration, so having water on hand can be a good idea.

Top Tip: make sure you use hot tub friendly drinkware! Glass can spoil all the fun of a hot tub party if smashed, so opt for reusable plastic glasses, just like our Hydrolife Champagne Flutes & Wine Glasses!


Keeping your hot tub squeaky clean (boring, we know!)

Whilst this may be the boring bit, it’s also super important! We’d recommend testing your hot tub before the party. Use our chemical test strips to check the levels and dose with the relevant chemicals. You could even give it a dose of shock the night before to ensure your hot tub water is clean and clear. If you need to top up on any supplies, head over to our shop!

After the party, your tub may look a little worse for wear depending how many people you had in there, however it can all be fixed with some extra chemicals to get the balance right again. You may even wish to change the water of your hot tub and give the filters a good clean to make sure no food or alcohol remains in the water, disrupting the water chemistry. 

For the kids…

Hot tub parties for kids are always a brilliant idea, no matter the time of year! However, we all know, as parents, that you want to make sure everyone stays safe while having lots of fun! 

All of the above suggestions on how to host an amazing hot tub party still apply (apart from the alcohol, obviously!), however here are a few extra suggestions we’d make to give your child an unforgettable birthday bash!

While there’s nothing wrong with a good old-fashioned Luau, why not get really creative with the themes below?!

  • Pirate party
  • Mermaid party
  • Under the sea theme

As a guide, we’d recommend keeping your hot tub below 35 degrees, and limiting the children’s time in the hot tub to around 10 minutes at a time, allowing them to cool down and rehydrate between sessions. This gives you the perfect opportunity to introduce classic party games and other activities to keep them entertained!


So go forth and host your amazing hot tub party - we know it’ll be an epic one!  Feel free to show off and tell us all about it by tagging us in your photos, using @hydrolifehottubs!

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