How to keep your Jacuzzi Hot Tub energy efficient


You are probably here and reading this after a good old Google search that has left you bouncing from one piece of advice to the next, trying to find out exactly what you should be doing with your Jacuzzi Hot Tub to make sure that it stays as energy efficient as possible. Cue the state of confusion. And we get it, it is more important than ever now given the rising energy costs that are just around the corner for us all.

There is a whole host of information online, some good, some bad and some downright ugly. Our first, and biggest piece of advice to you is to trust the experts and the official advice – rather than the information you may find on online forums. We appreciate that this type of forum may be helpful for certain things but when it comes to the is not always factual or helpful, and can end up causing you more issues.


We understand that the energy price increases are going to be worrisome for some Jacuzzi Hot Tub owners, however there are things that you can implement and likely are already doing that will help minimise the impact of this for you.


First and foremost; when it comes to running your Jacuzzi Hot Tub the number one rule is to leave the temperature settings alone. Simply set it to the temperature you wish to use the Jacuzzi Hot Tub at and then leave it be (apart from the odd tweak of a couple of degrees based on the ambient temperature /season or who is using the Jacuzzi Hot Tub). This rule applies whether you are a daily bather, or a once-a-week soaker. Jacuzzi Hot Tubs are engineered to be as energy efficient as they possibly can be through very cleverly designed heaters, pumps, filtration systems and insulation.

*The only time it may be beneficial to do anything drastic with your temperature controls is when you are going away on holiday for an extended period of time. At that point, get in touch with us and we will talk you through what you need to do!


We are increasingly hearing of customers turning the temperature down dramatically between uses, or turning the hot tub off completely, in a bid to conserve energy. This method of cooling and reheating the water actually uses far more energy than leaving the water at a constant temperature does. Jacuzzi’s insulation systems are tried and tested to ensure that they offer the BEST heat retention possible. In conjunction with this, Jacuzzi’s ProLast Covers are designed to keep the heat locked in – and both of these components are engineered to minimise the time that the Jacuzzi’s heater has to work. Minimal heat loss means minimal need for the heaters to be active! Imagine a car doing lots of short journeys from point A to point B – it will always use more fuel than on one long journey.

As a new Jacuzzi Hot Tub owner, you may be concerned that all the extra energy being used in your home is coming directly from your hot tub. This can be especially true if you have purchased in the lead up to the colder months of the year. But fear not, you can now monitor your exact energy use through Jacuzzi’s SmartTub app. This clever little device is like a Hive heating system for your home – with a smart meter thrown in! The smart meter element allows you track EXACTLY how much energy your Jacuzzi is using so that you can ensure everything is as it should be, manage your usage and quash those worries!

It is also worth noting that ‘average running costs’ are just that – they are taken as an average, across the span of a full 12 months. Just like your home’s energy use, there will be times across the year when the cost will be more than this ‘average’ but equally periods of time when the costs will be lower to even things out again.


Jacuzzi’s SmartTub app comes as standard on some models but the great news is that it is compatible as an upgrade with every model in the current range – and can also be retrofitted to some older models too! Just get in touch on 01276 477461 to enquire about adding it to your Jacuzzi Hot Tub!


We appreciate that the future may feel a bit uncertain right now, but please let the trusted experts help you navigate through this and any other worries or concerns that you may have – we are here to help and only want you to have the best experience with your Jacuzzi Hot Tub, now and for years and years to come! Want more info? Click here to see our video!