How to look after my hot tub this winter


We’ve been getting a lot of questions on our social platforms about the best thing to do with your hot tub this winter… WE HEAR YOU! Rachelle has answered a few of the most common questions we have received, but of course if you have any more, give us a call!

Rachelle's top tips

  • Make sure you keep your cover on your hot tub as much as possible. This helps keep heat in and debris out! 
  • Empty the debris net that sits in the filter housing, or the catch weirs if you have one of our J-200 or Sun & Soul collections. 
  • When re-covering the hot tub, make sure the skirt on the cover sits around the outside of the shell to prevent heat and water loss! 

Benefits of using your hot tub in winter

Aches and pains can become more prevalent in the winter. The fabulous hydromassage you get from a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub can help relieve those niggles and help you move a bit more freely, whilst the heat helps with circulation. The steam from the water can also help soothe congestion and other winter related illnesses.

the benefits outweigh the cost...

Yes, it's going to cost a touch more than running your hot tub in the summer months, however all the benefits you can get from using your hot tub in the winter are 100% worth it! And with high-quality insulation as well as our wonderful ProLast Covers, that cost really is minimal. There are also ways you can cut that extra cost down, such as altering your filtration setting and lowering the temperature slightly between uses. Please give our team a call if you need any further advice on this!

... so enjoy your hot tub all year round!

It's going to use a lot more energy (and money) to keep turning your hot tub off and back on again when you want to use it. Turning your hot tub off and letting the water cool down will mean more electricity has to be used to heat the water back up again. Again, you can reduce the temperature slightly between uses to save a few pennies!

Winterising your hot tub safely

It's really unlikely that your hot tub will freeze here in the UK, but it's always a good idea to completely drain it if you are going to close it down over winter. Here's how to do it...
  • Turn the power off at the isolator switch. 
  • Drain the tub down either using the drain valve on your tub or a water pump. 
  • Leave the drain valve open for a few hours to let gravity pull out as much water as possible. If you do have a wet and dry vacuum, you can vacuum over the jet holes to get as much water out of the pipes as possible. 
  • Remove the filters, clean them (Click here to see how to do this) and store them inside whilst your hot tub is closed down. 
If you would prefer to let the experts do it, our team of Jacuzzi® trained engineers can come and close your hot tub down for you, just give us a call!