Now your hot tub has been installed


Congratulations on being the proud new owner of a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub! Maintaining a hot tub can be confusing, however we have put together some tips to make caring for your hot tub as simple as possible!


Chemical balancing

Hot tubs are treated in a similar way to swimming pools, however there are some challenges involved with maintaining the quality of a smaller volume of water. Because of this, it is crucial that hot tub owners understand the chemicals they’re using to maintain the quality of their hot tub water.

Understanding hot tub chemicals can be confusing and getting the right balance is important. Hot tub water is warm so its chemical balance is constantly changing, and the use of hot tub chemicals will keep your hot tub water clean and free from harmful bacteria for longer. Keep an eye on your hot tub water and monitor any changes in the chemical balance. If any changes do occur, you can use the appropriate chemicals to balance this out.

We highly recommend using AquaFinesse to care for your hot tub water. AquaFinesse, which is a safe, clean and crystal-clear water which protects spa bathers, the environment and the spa itself. In one simple weekly treatment, the hot tub chemicals in the Aquafinesse patented, environmentally friendly, formula loosens slime from surfaces. It is rinsed away by the action of the water and prevented from reforming. The result is a dramatic reduction in the levels of bacteria, needing only the minimal amount of sanitiser, perfect for sensitive skin! Even calcium, the notorious destroyer of spas, is no match against the power of AquaFinesse. Perfect for easy hot tub cleaning!

Below are a few commonly asked questions to guide you through hot tub chemicals:

How do I test the chemical levels in my hot tub water?

Testing your hot tub's water is a vital step to keeping the water healthy, clean, and safe. The easiest way to test the water is to use test strips, which indicate the sanitiser, pH, and total alkalinity levels of the water quickly & accurately. We recommend that you test your water daily whether the spa is in use or not, as warm water requires sanitising regularly.

When using any test strips, it is important to follow the instructions on the bottle carefully to get the most accurate reading. After you have been testing your hot tub conditions for a while you will become used to refilling, topping up, adding chemicals and how general usage will affect the readings and chemical levels.

Test strips for both chlorine and bromine can be found in our shop.

What chemicals do I need to buy now?
During your hot tub installation, we will have left you with a chemical starter pack, if you added the option on when your purchased. This will have included:

  • 500g bromine granules
  • 500g no foam
  • 500g pH+
  • 500g pH-
  • Test strips

When you are nearing the end of these chemicals you can head over to our shop to order more!

Our hot tub cleaning products help keep your Jacuzzi® looking brand new all year round. From Surface Cleaner to No Foam, there are a range of chemicals to help with common hot tub water issues, all of which can be bought from our shop. Head over to our video to see how our chemicals can help keep your water crystal clear!

What else can I buy for my Jacuzzi® Hot Tub?
At Hydrolife, we have a range of luxury accessories to give you a true Hydrolife Jacuzzi Hot Tub experience! If you fancy a glass of bubbly in the hot tub to celebrate a special occasion, we have elegant, hot tub safe wine glasses and champagne flutes, or if you want to stay cosy on your way back into the house, our luxurious bath towels and robes are perfect! Head over to our shop to discover more!

Are there any servicing plans for my hot tub?
Of course! We have a range of servicing plans to suit your hot tub needs! There are also pay monthly options to allow you to spread the cost, and if you ever need any help or advice, our fabulous aftercare team are always on hand to help!

Cleaning the headrests
Take off headrests clean with a mild detergent and a soft cloth, rinse throughly and allow to dry. Whilst the heardrests are off, you can clean behind headrests, either using water or the Jacuzzi® Surface Cleaner if you are in the process of draining your hot tub.

How often should I change my water and how do I do it?
On average you would look to change the water between 2 -4 times per year with a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub. Emptying Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs is an easy process as they are all fitted with a drain. It can be made even quicker by using a submersible pump which is often preferred by customers. This can cut drainage time down to just 30 mins, depending on hot tub size. When you empty your hot tub, the water is safe to be released on to the garden (e.g. grass) as long as the chemicals are fully and correctly dissolved. Jacuzzi® Hot Tub Surface Cleaner is the perfect addition to your Hot Tub cleaning routine, as it is designed to be used with a soft cloth or spa disc to help shift any stubborn marks or lines around the waterline of your hot tub. We also advise using this product sparingly to clean the shell and jets in your hot tub when completing a water change. This product is pH neutral, so it doesn't interfere with the balance of your water.

Expert top tips:

  • If you can, get your hands on a submersible pump – they’ll save you a lot of time!
  • Try to Shower before and after using your Jacuzzi® Hot Tub
  • Try to avoid fake tan and creams. This will help with your water quality!
  • Treat yourself to ‘hot tub only’ bathing suits and rinse them in cold water only, don’t wash in the machine!
  • Clean your filters regularly. They truly are the foundation of your filtration!
  • The cleaner your Jacuzzi® Hot Tub is, the better it will work for you!
As always, we're here to help you every step of the way. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us on 01276 477461 or email .