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The 5 Best Hot Tub Retailers in Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire


This got our team at Hydrolife Surrey thinking and, never one to shy away from measuring ourselves against the competition, we decided to put together a list of the Top 5 Hot Tub Retailers within a reasonable drive of our Hydrolife showroom in Bagshot. Although, at Hydrolife, we have chosen to only sell Jacuzzi® products, we are also very mindful that a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub, might not be the right solution for everyone who walks through our showroom. We hope this guide will help and assist those customers find the right hot tub for them, their family and their garden space.

Our Surrey hot tub showroom is based within the popular and well-known Longacres Garden Centre in Bagshot. With hundreds of shoppers visiting daily, our Surrey team are lucky to have a constant flow of potential hot tub buyers that we can educate about Jacuzzi® products. However, this often means the initial conversation we have with customers is at the very beginning of their hot tub buying journey. With many potential hot tub customers passing through our showroom looking for advice and information, we do occasionally get asked, “I really like the Jacuzzi® Hot Tub range you have shown me, but I’ve only just started to look, and I want to spend a little more time researching the whole hot tub market. So are there any other hot tub brands or local companies you would recommend going to see?”


Pools and Spas Windlesham

The first company we would recommend visiting, especially if you are also visiting us at Longacres Garden Centre, is Pools and Spas Windlesham as they are located less than 1 mile from us. Based at Lavershot Barns, a newly refurbished and very impressive garden Centre, Pools and Spas Windlesham sell Vita Spa hot tubs.


Trading for over 10 years, Pools and Spas Windlesham have a strong reputation in the area for offering good customer service, in a friendly informative way. Click here to see their website, https://www.poolsandspaswindlesham.co.uk/

HotSpring Reading

Our number 2 pick to visit, if you’re looking for a strong Hot Tub retailer in the Surrey, Hampshire or Berkshire area, is HotSpring Reading. Based at Winnersh and Wyevale Garden Centre, they have a number of hot tubs, swim spas and hot tub buildings on display. Not surprisingly, they only sell the HotSpring range of hot tubs, however they are also a retailer of Endless Pools, a premium manufacturer of swim spas. 


If you’re planning a day out to research a number of different hot tub companies in one go, you will be at HotSpring Reading in less than 25 minutes after leaving Hydrolife at Longacres Garden centre. Owned by Watkins Wellness, HotSpring has a long heritage with over 40 years of experience in the industry. Click here to see thier website, https://www.hotspring.co.uk/dealers/hotspring-world-reading

Hot Tub Haven Surrey

Hot Tub Haven is the newest company in our list of Top 5 Hot Tub Retailers. They are worth visiting if you want a broad representation of hot tub brands on the market, in the area close to our Surrey Showroom. Trading for just over 4 years, Hot Tub Haven are based at The Vineries Garden Centre, in Effingham Surrey. It is a bit of a drive from Longacres, taking on average about 40 minutes. Hot Tub Haven only sell the Artesian Spa hot tub brand but they do have a good number of physical hot tubs on display, so it will be worth your drive to see a broad cross section of their range.


Owned by Watkins Wellness, HotSpring has a long heritage with over 40 years of experience in the industry. Click here to see their website, https://www.hottubhaven.co.uk/

Aqua Hot Tubs Bracknell

Aqua Hot Tubs are based at Moss End Village in Bracknell, so a nice easy drive from the Hydrolife Showroom in Bagshot. They sell and display several brands including Master Spas Villeroy, Boch and Therapy Spas. They are not a company we know lots about, but we like their website and if you are looking to make a day of choosing the right hot tub for you and your needs, we really think it would be worth including Aqua Hot Tubs in your journey. Click here to see thier website, https://aquatubs.co.uk/


Hydropool Chertsey Surrey

Last, but not least, the 5th Best Hot Tub Retailer in Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire, in our humble opinion, is Hydropool Surrey in Chertsey. We couldn’t leave our friends at Hydropool Surrey off this list. We’re kind of like first cousins, as Hydropool were purchased by the Jacuzzi® Brand Group in 2017. At Hydrolife, we choose to only sell hot tubs made by Jacuzzi® as we genuinely believe they make the best hot tubs and swim spas on the market. As the name suggests, Hydropool Surrey only sell the Hydropool brand of hot tubs and swim spas. Despite this particular showroom only being in business since 2019, the Hydropool brand manufacture great products and have a lot of experience in the Spa industry which definitely makes them worth a visit! Click here to see their website, https://hydropoolsurrey.com/


Choosing the right hot tub or swim spa for you is really important, and there are many factors that should be taken into consideration before parting with your hard-earned money. We strongly recommend that you speak with several retailers and learn as much as possible about the features of each product and brand before splashing out (excuse the pun!). Of course, we hope that you choose to buy a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub or Swim Spa from us, but we do appreciate and understand that the Jacuzzi® range might not be right for everyone.