Top 5 reasons to invest in a Hot Tub

Modern life is busy and we all need to find time to relax and de-stress from the day to day routines, work and technology. Here at Hydrolife, we have listed our top 5 reasons as to why you should invest in a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub.

Hot Tubs can help reduce the feelings of anxiety & pain

Having a Jacuzzi® Hot tub in your garden is an ideal way to stimulate your body’s natural production of endorphins, which triggers a positive feeling in your body and helps reduce anxiety and feelings of pain. From arthritis, joint or back pain, restless leg syndrome, muscle injuries or fibromyalgia, Hot Tubs are a proven form of chronic pain relief. The heat of the water increases blood flow and relaxes the body, while the massaging action of the jets and the water’s buoyancy loosen muscle tension and soothe sore joints.

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Hot Tubs can ease stress-related headaches.

A 10-minute dip in a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub can increase your blood circulation, which in turn helps to relieve tension headaches. We all live in a fast-paced environment with daily use of technology, this can result in tension & stress headaches. What better way to relax than to enjoy some time in your Jacuzzi® Hot Tub, in your own tranquil garden environment whilst you, relax your body and mind and let the tension ease away. Beats taking headache tablets that’s for sure!

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Hot Tubs can help you develop a healthy sleep pattern and improve sleep.

A Jacuzzi® Hot Tub can help your body to wind down and get a better natural nights sleep. The “Better Sleep Council” recommends a relaxing bedtime routine, such as soaking in hot water to help maintain a healthy sleep cycle. And as warm water releases muscle tension and increases blood flow, this will help to contribute to a relaxed, deeper and better quality of sleep.

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A Hot Tub can help you improve your wellness and look after your mental health

As we said earlier modern life puts lots of pressure on us and we never seem to have enough time to relax. By taking just 10-minutes a day to reward your body & mind with your own unique spa experience, you will improve your mental state of mind. This, in turn, will have a positive impact on your day to day routine, relieving pressures and returning you to a more relaxed state of mind.

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Hot Tubs are the perfect place to enjoy quality time with family and friends

Sometimes in our busy work-life balance, we don’t get to spend enough quality time with our family & friends. We are all guilty of being in the same room but not really engaging with each other, this usually means we are on our phones or tablets whilst eating dinner together. Having a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub in your garden can mean that you can all get together, unplug from electronics and spend some quality time interacting and engaging with each other again.

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Whatever your reason to invest in a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub from Hydrolife, we know that you will find many more benefits from the experience. To find out more about the full Jacuzzi® range, organise a wet-test and to find out how we can enhance your garden, drop into one of our nationwide showrooms.
Hydrolife, Feel the difference.

Thanks to Jacuzzi® for some of the facts!