Using hydrotherapy to rehabilitate injured muscles and relieve pain

Using hydrotherapy to rehabilitate injured muscles and relieve pain

There are a variety of ways that hydrotherapy can be used to achieve both of these things…in fact, something as simple as applying an ice pack to an injury come under hydrotherapy!

Shifting the focus away from ice packs and more towards hydrotherapy in a hot tub or pool, it is becoming increasingly common for injury rehabilitation to be done in a Jacuzzi! The number of sports professionals using Jacuzzis for on-the-job rehabilitation is on the rise…which often leads them to owning one to use in the comfort of their own home to essentially ‘keep up the good work’!

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So why use water we hear you say?

Hydrotherapy is (in the majority of cases) thermoregulatory. The benefit of this comes from using the Jacuzzi’s water at different temperatures (warm to cool and vice versa), allowing you to heat and cool the body as needed. In turn enabling the manipulation of blood flow, circulation, pain neurology and inflammation to reach the desired effect ie. pain relief/recovered muscles.

Is hydrotherapy actually effective?

Jacuzzi® are the only brand of hot tub to offer you true hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy itself has been scientifically proven to be of benefit to a range of ailments and illnesses. Jacuzzi® have taken these findings and expertly engineered our hot tubs to ensure they give you the maximum benefit from each session. This is all thanks to our Aqua-librium (the perfect balance of air and water, targeted to exactly the right places).

Hydrotherapy is a safe, non-invasive method of treating injured muscles and relieving pain. And whilst it may not be a miracle cure for these things – it absolutely should be a staple component in the tool kit of anyone suffering from chronic pain/muscle injuries.

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How does hydrotherapy help the body out?

A lot of physiological energy is dedicated to the warming and cooling of body with the view to keeping things balanced. Sometimes the body appreciates a little helping hand with this!

Whilst the body is amazingly effective at managing its thermoregulatory system…humans are not perfect. Unfortunately we cannot always reach the balance ourselves – which leads us to rely on external sources such as fires, fans, showers – and hot tubs to help!

When we are sick or injured, our bodies struggle more with thermoregulation – making hydrotherapy especially helpful at these times. Whether you are using your Jacuzzi® to help sweat out a common cold, or focusing on relieving chronic back pain…the hot tub that might seem quite unremarkable when you are healthy becomes surprisingly powerful when your system is under duress.

Hydrotherapy as an anti-inflammatory…

Reducing inflammation is another prominent healing power of hydrotherapy.

Unfortunately inflammation always comes with an injury. We’re sure you all know the signs and symptoms…heat, redness, pain and swelling. This process, as annoying and unwanted as it may be…is both normal and essential!

However, the human body can, on occasion, go a bit OTT with this reaction to trauma…which can be both painful and counterproductive. Using a hot tub’s cool water to soothe such inflammation is a much safer option than over-the-counter medications – and comes with none of the nasty side effects!

So whether you are an avid sportsman (or woman!) in need of some post-training rehabilitation from home…or you have been suffering with back pain (or indeed any pain) for longer than you would like – now would be the perfect time to invest in a Jacuzzi® hot tub. We guarantee that your body and your mind will thank you for it!

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