What are the benefits of a Swim Spa over a swimming pool?

Wondering ‘what is the difference between a Swim Spa and a Swimming Pool?’ Well, you are in the right place! In this blog we will go over all the benefits of a Swim Spa, and why a Swim Spa is so much more beneficial than a regular Swimming pool.

So, let’s jump right in! Just to start with the basics and definitions, a Swim Spa is essentially an above ground swimming pool, whereby you are in one position and swim against the jets. The main benefit of this being that you do not need huge amounts of space to house a Swim Spa, contrary to a traditional Swimming Pool. Swim Spas are also a lot more versatile despite the much smaller space needed. This is because you can use the Swim Spa for not only light and/or intense Swimming Training, but also Aqua Aerobics, Hydrotherapy, Relaxation, fun for the family and teaching little ones to swim… the possibilities are endless!

The SwimLife™ Swim Spas come in two different options, the Swim Fit or the Swim Expert. The Swim Fit model is designed for a more gentle swim, training, and Aqua Aerobics. If you are looking for a more competitive swim, this is where the Swim Expert range would be perfect for you! These are two great options for customers, as you can set the optimal swimming conditions best for you and your family, something which is not possible in a regular Swimming Pool. So, no matter if you are a strong swimmer or not, a Swim Spa is so customisable for all the family to enjoy rather than a traditional Swimming Pool which does not have any of these customisable features.

Being part of the Jacuzzi® group of companies, SwimLife™ Swim Spas provide you with industry leading innovative features, whilst delivering the quality and service you would expect, at an affordable price! A Swim Spa is a fantastic affordable alternative to a traditional swimming pool, as the average cost of installing, using and maintaining a traditional swimming pool is around £100,000! This takes into account factors such as, groundwork (digging and laying the necessary foundations), cost of the pool, installation, labour, chemicals, heating, electrics, plumbing and water safety – as well as annual maintenance.The price of a Swim Spa starts at £20,000 for the model, and average running costs of £90-£120 per month depending on the size you go for, and how often you use it. 

Other costs to consider are the chemicals, which will be around £15-£20 per month including a yearly service. So, all in all, compared to a traditional swimming pool, pretty reasonable right!? Swim spa cost is always the first question for anyone, and it’s great that this is a main benefit of a Swim Spa rather than a regular Swimming Pool.

In the current climate of lockdowns and pandemics, life at the moment is rather different to say the least, and I think I speak for everyone when I say a little relaxation goes a long way. This is a huge benefit of a Swim spa over a traditional swimming pool, as you have two hydrotherapy seats at the end of the Swim Spa (in certain sizes) which you can utilise for relaxation and cool down after your training. Larger Swim Spa’s which are dual chamber even have a separate hot tub attached, so after an intense training session you can jump over into the hot tub, put the Hydrotherapy Jets on, and relax in the comfort of your own garden. This is a fantastic feature to help repair the muscles after training, or just relax with a glass of wine… 


Another vast benefit of Swim Spas over a traditional Swimming Pool is, due to the Thermalmax™ internal heating system, it’s easy to get the temperature up so it’s not such a cold shock when you get in! You can even use the Swim Spa as a relaxing whirlpool bath in the winter as the temperature can go as high as 40 degrees Celsius! This is a huge benefit over a regular Swimming Pool, as you can get the heat up and relax in the hydrotherapy seating after a long day of work. Keep in mind the vast volume of water in the Swim Spa, so if you are looking to get the temperature up higher you would more than likely need to leave it heating overnight. So just make sure you plan in advance if you were preferring a relaxation evening over a training evening. The average Swimming Pool is 27 degrees, so it will take a little while to get to 40 degrees – but this at the fraction of time than a regular Swimming Pool, the Thermalmax™ heating system!

Convenient, affordable and customisable are just a few terms I would use to describe why Swim Spas are a fantastic investment over a traditional swimming pool. I truly believe this innovative technology would be ideal for all, no matter your swimming ability.  

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