What are the benefits of a Swim Spa vs a swimming pool?


Looking to put somewhere to swim in your garden and wondering what is the difference between a swim spa and a swimming pool? And what are the benefits of them? Well, you are in the right place! In this blog we will go over all the benefits of both a swim spa and swimming pool, and whether a swim spa might be more beneficial to you than a regular swimming pool. So, let’s dive in!

What is a Swim Spa?

Let’s start with the basics. A swim spa is essentially a small pool, with jets located at one end which you are able to swim against. You can increase or decrease the strength of your jets to match your ability or type of exercise you are doing. Opposed to the traditional swimming pool, which tend to be large, allowing you to swim lengths.

What are the main differences between a Swim Spa and a Swimming Pool?

Exercise & Fitness

The consistent current provided by the jets in a swim spa allows you to swim endlessly, without having to turn. You can also use the jets as resistance for other forms of exercise such as aqua aerobics. You are even able to run against the resistance of the jets, using the swim spa as a treadmill! All of these are great for training and building muscle, however exercising in a swim spa is also brilliant for post-injury recovery as the water supports the weight of your body.

Swimming pools are brilliant for, you guessed it, swimming! Swimming lengths is great for your physical and mental fitness. Aqua aerobics are possible in a swimming pool too, however these exercises are a little more limited in a swim spa as you have no jets for extra resistance. You also have to turn against the wall while swimming lengths!

Relaxation & Hydrotherapy

Most Swim Spas include seats with hydrotherapy jets at the bottom end of the swim chamber. These seats are great for warming up or colling down after your training session. The warm water alongside the hydromassage promotes relaxation as well as muscle rejuvenation, which helps your body recover quickly after exercise.

Swimming pools don’t offer a lot in the way of hydrotherapy or massage. If you would like to take advantage of hydrotherapy after exercise, you may choose to put a hot tub in your garden as well as a swimming pool, however there is the element of additional costs associated with this.



Size is either a big factor for you, or something you’ve not even considered. I mean, if you’ve got a big garden, why worry about the size of your swimming pool? But why waste all that garden on a swimming pool where you can have something as compact as a swim spa?! Swim Spas are self-contained so there’s no need for a pump room or any extra space. With a range of sizes available, there’s a swim spa to fit every size of garden - big or small, narrow or wide.

Swimming pools are also available in a wide range of sizes. From a small 6 x 8ft pool all the way up to 10 x 50ft, there is also a pool to fit most gardens! You may struggle to do lengths in the smaller pool sizes though!

All season, every season!

A Swim Spa is for life, not just for summer! As Swim Spas heat their water, just like a hot tub, you can leave your Swim Spa running all year round! Whether you fancy a dip in summer or are training hard in winter, your Swim Spa is ready & waiting for you. Most Swim Spas will also come with a very-well insulated cover to keep all the heat in your Swim Spa, reducing costs and saving energy. One less thing to worry about.

Swimming pools can also be left running all year round, however running costs can often cause owners to close their pool down over the winter months to save some money.

Family Fun!

Both Swim Spas are fabulous for every member for the family. Whether it’s mum’s daily swim to keep fit or dad’s triathlon training, even grandparents can take advantage of the exercising options and hydromassage. But Swim Spa really come in to their own when it comes to teaching kids to swim! The smaller volume of water helps new swimmers feel safer whilst giving them confidence to starts swimming solo. With hydrotherapy seating at the end of the swim spa, parents can be just feet away should they need any support!

Swim spas can be great fun too! Kids often have lots of fun just by turning the jets on and getting pushed down to the other end of the swim spa by the powerful jets. Or add a body board for an extra element of fun!

Swimming pools are also great for the whole family, offering very similar benefits as a swim spa, minus the hydromassage and jet function. The bigger area of a swimming pool offers more space for children to practice their swimming techniques, however it may take a little more confidence to begin swimming away from the side of the pool. Parents also may have to be more alert due to the space and volume of water.



Both swim spas and swimming pools require maintenance, just in different amounts. Swimming pools often require pump rooms to house filters in order to keep the water of your swimming pool clean and safe. Also, due to the volume of water in a pool, they often require a fair amount of chemicals to keep the levels balanced and safe. Sometimes pool owners opt to hire a pool servicing company to keep their pool in tip top condition. This alleviates some of the responsibility of dosing the pool with chemicals, however it can be an expensive outlay.

Swim spas also require maintenance. We’d recommend testing the water around once a day and adding any relevant chemicals required, however looking after your swim spa only take up about 15 mins a week! The lower water volume of a swim spa means no pump room as it is all self-contained. This makes it easier to manage the chemical balance of the water, it also means you’ll use less chemicals too! Easier on the wallet and no pool boy in sight!


Hosting a garden party or just having a few friends over? Swimming pools can be a fabulous talking point in your garden. They can also serve as a calming place to relax with family and friends on a summer’s evening with a glass of wine… sounds lovely, right?

Swim spas can do all that too… and more! With seats and cup holders giving you the perfect place to relax, swim spas also have features such as colour-changing lighting to suit the mood as well as Bluetooth speakers so you can blast your favourite songs! They really are the whole package.


Finally, and most importantly… Cost

The most boring but serious part of this is the cost of a swim spa compared to that of a swimming pool.

Swim spas start at around £20,000, after this it comes down to how you’d like your swim spa to look. Your swim spa can sit above ground on a concrete pad, it can be partially sunk into the ground or fully sunken. Other costs can come from things like landscaping, decking, patio installation etc. You will also need an electrician to install a dedicated power supply for the swim spa, so this needs to be factored into your budget. The average running cost for a swim spa is around £90 - £120 a month, depending on the size you go for, and how often you use it. 

In contrast, the average cost of installing, using and maintaining a traditional swimming pool is around £100,000! This takes into account factors such as, groundwork (digging and laying the necessary foundations), cost of the pool, installation, labour, chemicals, heating, electrics, plumbing and water safety – as well as annual maintenance. The average running costs of a swimming pool is around £150 per month, depending on the size of your pool.


So should you choose a swim spa or swimming pool? Well, that comes down to your personal usage as well as budget. But if you need any further help or advice on which direction to go in please feel free to speak to our team.

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