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What is the best Hot Tub for my family?

When asking someone ‘what’s the best Hot Tub’ this is very much open to opinion. There are so many different hot tubs out there, each with their own pros and cons, it would be next to impossible to narrow it down completely across all brands!

So, for the purpose of this blog, I am going to focus on the original inventors of the hot tub, the Jacuzzi® brand!

At this point you have probably read a few of my blogs by now and will know I am an information lover (or geek, whichever term you prefer) so I wanted to let you all know what hot tubs are best for two, four and six people from my experience being at Hydrolife.

Best 2 - 3 person Hot Tub….

Let’s start with the two-seater model. If I was on the search for a two-seater Hot Tub, I would be looking for the best intimate Hot Tub that has all the features I want, but not going to take my entire garden! So, for this reason, in my opinion the best two-seater Hot Tub is the Jacuzzi® J315IP™ . This is a 2-3-seater Hot Tub with a lounger, and all the hydrotherapy benefits the J300™ Comfort Collection is known for and built the history of the brand on. Being 193x168cm it’s compact, but still fantastic room within the Hot Tub to relax and customise your massage. One of my favourite things about the J315™ model is how much you can control the level of massage. From adding and removing air into the jets, to diverting the pressure, you really do have full control of your massage. Also, the model comes with all the extras you want, from the cup holders, multi coloured lighting, waterfall and the Music with built in Subwoofer! It is a fantastic all-round Hot Tub, and with SmartTub™ available as an optional extra, you really can have it all! So, don’t worry if you are just looking for a small model, bigger isn’t necessarily always better!

Dickinson J315 Stamford Lincolnshire

Best 4 - 5 person Hot Tub...

Moving on to the 4-seater model, this is probably my favourite model of all the collections! I would say the best four-seater model will definitely be the Jacuzzi® J425IP™, which has recently been upgraded with a thoughtful love seat, capacity of 4-5 people. This model from the J400™ Designer Collection boasts a distinct high back design, exterior lighting and a touch screen display as standard. This really is a great sociable Hot Tub, with 4 head rests at each corner to sit comfortably in the spacious model. The Hot Tub also has all those ambiance extras, from multi-coloured lighting in the Hot Tub, cup holders and waterfall, to the wide sheet design waterfall and Bluetooth music. Another perk of the J400™ Collection is the SmartTub™ Technology is built in as standard, so you have complete control of your Jacuzzi® with a touch of a button on your phone. With added stages of filtration, this is also a super easy Hot Tub to keep clean and sanitised at all times, and running costs as low as 70p per day!

Best 5 - 6 person Hot Tub...

If you want the best of the best 6-seater hot tub, then there is nowhere else to look other than at the Jacuzzi® J575IP™ model. This top of the range Jacuzzi® hot tub has everything you will ever want or need from a hot tub. The striking unique aesthetic of the Curvalux™ Designer Woven Exterior adds a durable, luxurious touch to your garden. The model also benefits from dual elevated edges with Multi Coloured Waterfalls giving you an unbeatable ambiance with the Patented PowerPro™ Jets for that Jacuzzi® Massage like no other. The ProTouch™ Glass Control touch screen technology is the ultimate in ease of use, combined with the SmartTub™ technology you have complete control of your hot tub from anywhere in the world! If you want top of the range, Luxury, and unbeatable massage, then this really is the best 6-seater model for you!

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My favourite Hot Tub
Just picking one model from all the collections is difficult, as they all have their own fantastic benefits, but these would definitely be my top three. Also, trying to condense all the knowledge I have on these models to just one paragraph is tough enough as it is! So, if these models stand out to you and you’d like to hear more from me on the incredible features and why they are the best hot tubs, it would be great to hear from you!

Do you have your own favourite hot tub? Let me know! It would be great to talk facts and hear what your favourite features are in your best hot tub.

Get in touch with the team or email me at . Look forward to hearing from you!