Are Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs hard to maintain?

Are Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs hard to maintain?

There is a myth that floats around (see what we did there) about how Jacuzzi’s, or indeed ANY Hot Tub is a high maintenance piece of kit to own and look after. Fundamentally, this CAN be true but it comes down to inadequate filtration of the Hot Tub and lack of customer/owner training.

Our Hydrolife Hot Tub experts are on hand at every step of the sales journey and beyond (Hydrolife Members Club) to ensure that you are equipped with not only the right products and chemicals – but the right INFORMATION to make use of them and reduce your Jacuzzi’s care down to 15 MINUTES PER WEEK!

Let’s start with a few facts about looking after a body of water for a Hot Tub

  • 80% is down to good filtration
  • 15% is due to the Ph balance of the water (remember when the diving pool at the Rio Olympics went green?.....Ph imbalance was to thank for that!!)
  • And the final 5% is managing to keep between 2/5 parts per million of bromine or chlorine available!!

Deluxe Chemical Kit

So now let Hydrolife take the confusion away…

Investing in the Hydrolife Deluxe Chemical kit means that you are equipped with every chemical needed to tackle any water type…This is commonly followed with a sharp intake of breath and a look of fear on customers faces!

BUT fear not!

We have in-house Hydrolife Jacuzzi® experts that can (and will) break down your hot tub’s chemical treatment needs into three easy to understand sections:

  • 1. Killing Bacteria – this treatment is vitally important
  • 2. Balancing the Ph – this is really important and you will know when it isn’t working
  • 3. Maintenance and Aesthetics – this is covered by everything else you do.

By following the Hydrolife Easy Guide, the care and upkeep of your Jacuzzi® Hot tub really will take no more than 15 minutes a week!

After the initial training on the day of installation (when we forgive you for forgetting everything other than “when can we get in?”), the Hydrolife Team will invite you back to our award winning Jacuzzi® showroom to run through Hot Tub chemicals at a later date – This is normally 2/4 weeks after your hot tub installation ensuring you have familiarised yourself somewhat with your Jacuzzi® Hot Tub.

Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs have better filtration than their competitors. Because 80% of looking after water is about filtration.

Our J300 series Jacuzzi® has 4 stages of filtration:

  • 1. Skimmer filtration – Jacuzzi’s Hot Tubs all use this special method. Skimmer filtration removes the top 3-4 cm of water which is where 90% of waterborne pathogens lurk. It is a tried and tested method! Large pieces of debris are also caught in the Jacuzzi’s grills preventing them from entering the internal system and causing blockages or damage.
  • 2. Our Pro-Catch net is next up – this is where smaller particles are removed.
  • 3. The Pro-Clear Filters are next, removing the tiny pieces of debris from the water.
  • 4. And last but by no means least is Jacuzzi’s ClearRay® UV treatment – here the water is treated with UV in the Jacuzzi-exclusive Clear Ray System. This is when the bacteria is neutralised!

Moving up, our J400 and J500 Hot Tub series also include Jacuzzi’s Pro Clarity Micro Filter which is able to remove even the smallest particles (we are talking microscopic stuff!)

Finally, it goes without saying that the less debris there is in the water, the less chemicals you are going to need and the better the experience will be for you! And we are proud to say that you ONLY get this with a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub from Hydrolife!