Filtration and Cleaning the Jacuzzi® way.

Here at Hydrolife we understand that it is easy to be bamboozled when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your Hot Tub.

With lots of brands suggesting different ways, it can be confusing to work out what works best now and in the long term.

Let’s start with the first form of cleaning, Filters.

All Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs have a patented filtration system, with up to 5 stages of filtration, that keeps the water cleaner by ensuring multi-stage filtration.

The initial stage is always to remove large pieces of debris, then the Proclear cartridge traps tiny debris removing it from the water. On the 400 series models and above, an inner filter, which is made out of microfibre material with a dense core, traps the tiniest of particles and does not release them.


The Proclear pleated filters are super easy to change, meaning you have no high costs of engineers coming out to do the work and best of all it lasts up to 18-months.

Now let’s look at three secondary forms of cleaning, Salt Water, Natural and Clear Ray.

A saltwater system uses replaceable cartridges to convert the salt into chlorine to sanitise the water, they need to be changed at least 3 times a year and can be quite costly. It is vital to maintain water Ph level quality and you will need to test the water and add chemicals if needed.

When it comes to Natural cleaning or self-cleaning it is a little misleading as all water in hot tubs will need to be maintained. Hot Tubs with this “offering” use a hoover type of filtration at the bottom of the hot tub, which sucks debris away, it will only remove items of a certain size and weight and you will need an engineer to sort out any issues as it is within the inner part of the hot tub. You will need to consider the extra cost of energy needed to keep the motor running.

Finally, we look at ClearRay®, exclusively available in a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub. As the secondary form of cleaning, it uses exclusive UV-C technology to neutralise 99.9% of waterborne pathogens that you cannot see so your water will be fresh and clean, without the uses of gasses. It is really easy to change so no engineer needed and it lasts for 12-months.

Hottub Proclear

As you can see all Hot Tubs require cleaning and maintenance and even the most natural need to use chemicals to maintain water hygiene and PH balance. With some brands needing to be changed by engineers this can be a costly extra that you may not have considered.

Both forms of filtration with Jacuzzi®, Hot Tub maintenance is super easy, and with the Hydrolife, you can also spread the cost of maintaining your Jacuzzi® Hot Tub into monthly payments. Give us a call on 01276 477461 to find out more.

Hydrolife, Feel the difference.