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How often should I be maintaining my Jacuzzi® Hot Tub?

Your amazing new Jacuzzi® Hot Tub has now been installed and you can start enjoying the benefits of hydrotherapy in your own garden! To keep your hot tub clean and safe to use, it’s important to keep on top of the few maintenance tasks which will make sure your hot tub stays in tip top condition. Below is an outline of the maintenance routine, and how often you can expect to do them to make sure your hot tub & water quality are always at their best.

Please note: these recommendations may change slightly depending on how often the hot tub is used and how many people are using the hot tub.


  • Test water to ensure it is balanced. Test strips are the best way to do this. Bromine test strips can be used if you are using bromine to sanitise your water, alternatively Chlorine test strips are also available.
  • Check sanitiser levels on test strip and add sanitiser as required. Our range of Bromine & Chlorine sanitisers can be found here.
  • Check PH levels on test strip and add pH+ or pH- as needed.
  • Check Alkalinity on test strip and add Total Alkalinity Plus as needed.




  • We advise you fully clean filters on a monthly basis. Mix Jacuzzi® Filter Powder with water into a large bucket and leave your filters to soak overnight. Always allow the filter to air dry fully before replacing. We recommend having a second set of filters so you can still enjoy your hot tub whilst your filters are cleaning!

Every 3 months:

  • We recommend draining and refilling your hot tub every 3 months. This removes all the old water and all the chemicals that have been dissolved into it, so you can start fresh! This may change slightly depending on how often the hot tub is used and how many people are using the hot tub.
  • Before you drain your hot tub, pour Jacuzzi® Pipe Cleaner directly in to the water and turn on the jets for at least 4 -5 cycles to remove any soap and build up from the pipework. Drain your hot tub as normal, rinse and refill!
  • Jacuzzi® Cover Cleaner is perfect for caring for your hot tub cover. It cleans and conditions your cover, whilst protecting it from UV rays, moisture and potential chemical degradation.


We hope this has helped make maintain your hot tub even easier, however if you have any more questions, please feel free to contact the Aftercare team on