How to change a ClearRay® Bulb

As a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub owner, you may have to change your Hot Tub's ClearRay® Bulb yourself. Don't worry! Our Jacuzzi® Expert, Sophie is here to guide you through it! 

Alternatively, you may choose to have a trained hot tub technician change the ClearRay® Bulb as part of your annual hot tub service. Click here to see our range of servicing options! 

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to change your ClearRay® Bulb:
1. Turn the breaker to the hot tub off and allow the bulb to cool.
2. At this point, If you are cleaning the quartz tube you should drain your hot tub.
3. Remove the four screws holding the ClearRay system enclosure cover and gasket in place, this will expose the UV bulb and connections.
4. Disconnect the UV bulb socket from the power cord socket.
5. Slowly remove the UV bulb out of the quartz tube.
9. Reinstall the compression washer over the open end of the quartz tube.
10. Disconnect the ClearRay bulb at the plastic connection point. 
11. Slide the new UV bulb back inside the quartz tube.
12. Reinstall the black bulb boot back over the quartz seal compression nut.
13. Reinstall the enclosure cover with gasket and secure with the screws.
14. It is important to dispose of the ClearRay UV bulb safely and in accordance with disposal laws as it contains mercury.
15. Once power is activated you can check the ballast to see if the ClearRay System is functioning. A solid green light indicates that the ClearRay System is being provided power and should always be on. A solid red light indicates that the UV bulb is activated.
16. To re-set your hot tubs ClearRay timer, please refer to your hot tub manual.

Hot Tub chemicals play a very important part of your Hot Tub maintenance routine. Sophie, our Jacuzzi® Expert, will tell you more about which chemicals you can use and the benefits! Still got questions? Get in touch with our team on 01276 477461 or drop us an email  !