What is AquaFinesse, why should I use it & how to use it?


You may have heard about AquaFinesse and using it to help keep your tub clean in an environmentally savvy way. But what is it, how do you use it and what makes it the best way to keep you hot tub sparkling clean?

Who can use AquaFinesse?
Anyone who is looking for a simple, convenient, and effective way to keep on top of their water treatment of their hot tub or swim spa! By adding a weekly measured dose of AquaFinesse to the water, you will achieve crystal-clear, high-quality water, with the extra time to enjoy it! One of our customers who uses AquaFinesse regularly says, ‘It makes my life so much easier, so simple to use. Virtually every time I check the levels, they are perfect… I’m so impressed, I wouldn’t go back to traditional chemicals now.’


How does AquaFinesse work?
AquaFinesse consists of a complex mixture of inorganic Salts, coagulants, and some other environmentally friendly ingredients. Together, they have the unique ability to remove biofilm and kill bacteria! In one simple weekly treatment, the AquaFinesse patented formula loosens the layer of Biofilm, where 99% of the total bacteria in the spa live and prevents it from reforming. All you have to do is make sure your water remains balanced! As a result, you will notice a dramatic reduction of the levels of bacteria in your hot tub water with the minimal amount of sanitiser. AquaFinesse is the perfect all in one solution for safe, clean, crystal-clear water which protects bathers, the environment, and your hot tub.


What are the advantages of AquaFinesse?

  • It only takes one minute, once per week! Saving you lots of precious time in maintenance.
  • Super easy to use
  • Leaves your hot tub smelling fresh!
  • Reduces the sanitiser content in the water
  • Protects you and your luxury investment
  • Environmentally friendly water treatment due to the reduction in sanitiser
  • Dermatologically tested and is gentle to sensitive skin

Can I use AquaFinesse if I have sensitive skin?
This product is also perfect for those who have younger family members using the hot tub or those with sensitive skin. Using AquaFinesse reduces the amount of sanitiser you have to use in your hot tub as well as being dermatologically tested, making it gentler on your skin. Don’t just take our word for it though! One of our AquaFinesse customers says it’s ‘so easy to use and makes our hot tub water really clear and smelling lovely!  I’ve noticed too that it’s much kinder to our skin. My son has quite sensitive skin, so it really helps not having to use so much Bromine and other harsh chemicals to sanitise the water.’

How to use AquaFinesse...

Preparing your hot tub to use AquaFinesse for the first time: 
1. Remove the filters to obtain maximum flow.
2. Check that all jets, waterfalls and regulators are open.
3. Dissolve the AquaFinesse SpaClean tablet in a bucket of water.
4. Add it to your spa water.
5. Activate the pumps at least two or three times at full power during the next 24 hours.
6. Remove all the water, preferably through the spa's drain. Your spa is now clean.
7. Fill the spa with ordinary tap water and warm it up before starting the water maintenance*

* Important - allow the hose to flush through for at least one minute before filling the spa

Weekly maintenance: (preferably on a fixed day)
1. Put clean filters in the spa.
2. Put an SWE disinfection tablet 90 in the dispenser and out the dispenser in the skimmer or grid/ container. You will find instructions for putting the tablet in the dispenser on the printed bag containing the pot of disinfection tablets. There should always be a tablet in the dispenser.
*If sanitising granules are used instead of the tablet, add one level spoon (provided) to the water, after each spa use. When spa is not in use, add a minimum of one spoon weekly.
3. Add the prescribed amount of AquaFinesse to the water, using the measuring cup supplied. You will find the right dosage on the label on the back of the bottle.
4. Open all valves and jets. Activate pumps for one minute.

Still have questions about AquaFinesse? Head over to our AquaFinesse FAQs to find out more!

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